Optronics understands that every company needs to make the best use of their IT budget. The short-term cost considerations shouldn’t stand in the way of long-term growth. With this is mind our Optronics Campus/Enterprise portfolio has been developed to ensure that component costs are kept lean without compromising bottom line bandwidth and reliability performance, so critical in modern Campus and Enterprise cabling environments.

Why Choose Optronics?

With Optronics you can be assured cutting edge product design and rigours manufacturing processes that ensure that quality is driven throughout the entire portfolio of fibre and shield and unshielded copper solutions.

With an extensive range of fibre management products, Optronics are one of the few global manufactures to offer such a diverse supported range of products to suit almost all applications.

Product range


Copper Structured Cabling

Cable Management

Fixed Patch Panels

High Density

MTP Management

Patch Cords

Pre-Terminated Cables

Sliding & Pivoting Patch Panels

Termination Boxes

Tools & Test Equipment

Ultra High Density Solutions

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